r4pg:Best PoE 3.13 Ritual Shadow Starter Builds

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PoE 3.13 Ritual is the first expansion in 2021, and the endgame content of the game once again ushered in a major update. Many of the builds in this PoE 3.13 Ritual Shadow Builds guide are good for starter that are popular with many players. For the three ascendancy classes of Assassin, Saboteur, Trickster, the focus of each build is also different. Hope it helps you.

r4pg:Best PoE 3.13 Ritual Shadow Starter Builds


Quick Jump

Shadow Assassin

PoE 3.13 Ritual Shadow Assassin Poison Blade Vortex Beginner Build

PoE 3.13 Ritual Shadow Assassin Ice Nova CoC Strong Build


PoE 3.13 Ritual Shadow Assassin Poison Blade Vortex Beginner Build

  • + Insanely Fast mapping - whirling blades for movement and unleash support for smooth mapping
  • + Single Target GOD - demolishes metamorphs in seconds
  • + Tons of dodge and evasion
  • + Good regen via Diadem
  • - Scales with some uniques and high end gear
  • - It's a dodge build
  • - Some map mods feel bad. 

Try avoid running 60% chance to avoid bleed and poison maps, as the damage on bosses and metamorphs just isn't great. Phys reflect is doable but slow, same as 90% chance to avoid ailments.



POISON - Blade Vortex is the best way to stack a high number of poisons on a target. With no limits in how many poisons you can apply at one time, you can expect some very strong damage ramp up (If your target has enough life to withstand more than a few seconds of the damage)

ELUSIVE - Increases your dodge and movement speed. This keeps you alive. If you feel you need 100% uptime you can easily integrate Withering step to gain permanent elusive. I don't feel I need it at this stage, but it's an option.


Gems Setup

----------Early game into maps-----------


Either have a +2 Duration /AoE Gems Tabula or Skin of the loyal

Vaal Blade Vortex . Unleash . Deadly Ailments . Vile Toxins . Unbound Ailments . Poison


Auras before we have Impresence with Despair reservation Amulet

Herald of Agony . Malevolence . Blasphemy . Despair


Cast when damage taken level 1 . Steelskin level 10 . Stone Golem MAX LEVEL . Blood Rage


Whirling blades . Fortify . Faster Attacks


Wither . Spell totem . Multiple totems


----------More geared maps and endgame------------

(acquired impresence amulet)


Vaal Blade vortex . Unleash . Awakened Deadly Ailments . Awakened Unbound Ailments . Poison . Vile Toxins


Malevolence . Enlighten 4 . Herald of Agony . Skitterbots


Blasphemy . Despair . Plague Bearer

Beastcraft or buy a belt/ring with Apsect of the spider


Pantheon: Soul of Lunaris and Soul of Ralakesh

Bandit: Help Alira for the 5 mana regen/s, 15 to all resists, and 20% crit multi

Path of Building Link: https://pastebin.com/Sai85NL4

More Detailspoeurl.com/cUyT


PoE 3.13 Ritual Shadow Assassin Ice Nova CoC Strong Build

  • + good single target Dps
  • + dodges attacks and spells via Cyclone
  • + pretty good clearspeed while mapping
  • + immune to crits through Elusive buff
  • + 75/75 Blockchance with Flaks
  • + up to 12k+ ES
  • + ES leech
  • + 30 ES on hit
  • + 5% ES on Block
  • + 5% ES on kill
  • - expensive if you want Endgame Gear
  • - slow start of ES recovery and recovery rate
  • - between Bossphases with no mobs you only got ES recovery and vaal Discipline
  • - cannot do Elemental reflect maps

Gems Setup

6-Link CoC setup

Cyclone (21/20) - Hypothermia (21/20) - Inspiration (20/20) - Awakened Cast On Critical Strike (6/) - Ice Nove (21/23) - Increased Critical Strikes (21/23)

swap in awakened added cold (5/20) instead of Inspiration for a small dps boost, but only if you're still crit capped on cyclone without flasks active

4-Link Aura setup

Enlighten (4/20) - Hatred (20/) - Herald of Ice (21/20) - Vaal Discipline (21)

3-Link Movement and Vaal RF for dps

Dash (20/20) - Second Wind (20/) - Vaal Righteous Fire (21/)

use Vaal RF on Bosses for more dps, dont use the normal RF

4-Link cwdt setup

CWDT (1/) - Frost Bomb (1/) - Immortal Call (3/) - Precision (21/)

3-Link Cospri setup

Frostbolt (21/23) - Ice Nova (20/20) - Frostbite (21/)

3-Link Vortex setup

Vortex (20/20) - Bonechill (20/20) - Arcane Surge (8/20) 

Awakened Unbound Ailments (5/20) increaes the chill and shock effect if you got the Cluster Jewel node "Cold Conduction"


Pantheon: Lunaris and Ryslatha

Bandit: Kill All

Path of Building Link

CI Version


  • focused mostly on Defensive
  • max Block
  • 9k+ES
  • Stun immune from Boots enchant


  • zoom zoom Version for offensive Playstyle
  • explode cheast with AoE stacking from cluster
  • stun immune through from Boots enchant

Life Version


Things to buy first in order of priority:

1)Cospri's Malice
2)Cooldown recovery on belt
4)Mark of the Shaper/ Circle of Fear
5)Watcher's Eye

Low: https://pastebin.com/JPLR3Tkp

More Detailspoeurl.com/cUyQ


Shadow Saboteur

PoE 3.13 Ritual Shadow Saboteur Glacial Cascade Mine Starter Build

PoE 3.13 Ritual Shadow Saboteur Ball Lightning Mine Starter Build


PoE 3.13 Ritual Shadow Saboteur Glacial Cascade Mine Starter Build


Main Skill

Order of importance is : Glacial Cascade > Blastchain mine > Minefield > Increased Area of Effect > Trap and Mine damage > Controlled Destruction

We are using Blastchain mines because we got good detonation speed and we really got time to activate all of our mines. Blast chain mine support make our Glacial Cascade into a mine skill, and grant 5% MORE damage for each prior mine in detonation sequence. For example: if we consider that we've threw the maximum number of mines (23), the last mine will do 23 * 5 = 115% MORE damage. The 10th mine to detonate will do 10 * 5= 50% MORE damage.

The other support gem that transform a skill into a mine skill is: High-Impact Mine

wich makes our mines apply to nearby ennemies 2% percent chance to take double damage up to 100% chance. You can apply up to 100% percent chance thanks to "increased effect of non-curse auras" because mines are considered as auras but we'll need to have more aura effect. 2 reasons why we don't use it:

  • 1st: we would need to invest more in increased aura effect, so lose of damage
  • 2nd: the fact that we have chance to deal double damage as a mod in our wand. You can use this support if you prefer it.

Frost bomb & righteous fire

Frost bomb - Vaal righteous fire - Increased duration

Link Frost bomb and Vaal righteous fire with Increased duration

We take Vaal Righteous fire because it grant us 28% MORE spell damage and Frost bomb to apply a cold exposure that reduce ennemies elemental resistance by 25%. We want both of them to have increased duration.

Withering Step

Withering step - Inc AoE support Second Wind

We want to use Withering step because it grant elusive and wither ennemies in range (we want ennemies to have the "wither" debuff in range to apply the elemental penetration from the new enchant on the belts : "Enemies Withered by you have -6% to all Resistances". Sadly, I don't have it on mine but it would be nice to have it). Link it with Inc AoE support to apply more easily wither and Second Wind support to increase its cooldown recovery speed.


Steelskin - Increased duration

We use steelskin linked with increased duration and we bind it on our move key to have it the most of the time. It is only for defensive purposes.


Because we got Steeskin in our move key, we use immortal call in our "Cast on Damage Taken" setup.

Summon Skitterbots

Summon skitterbots - Enlighten - Infernal Legion - Bonechill

We link Summon skitterbots with Enlighten (to reserve less mana) and Infernal Legion and Bonechill support. Infernal legion makes our skitterbots inflict "ignite" to ennemies near them. Thanks to that, our ascendancy "Explosives Expert" makes us have +30% to critical strike multiplier against Burning ennemies. Bone chill make enemies take increased cold damage. If you are using the cluster jewel version, you will have trouble using Infernal legion and Bonechill support, you should only use Bonechill support. Note that Secrets of Suffering doesn't affect player's minions, skitterbots are considered as minions. So, they inflict chill, ignite and shock. It is the mandatory aura for every miner.


Flame Dash -  Arcane surge - Second Wind

We obviously link our flame dash with Arcane surge support because it grants us 13% MORE damage for 4 seconds after using flame dash. Remember to have it to level 7 max (depend on the mana cost of flame dash, read what does Arcane Surge Support) to proc it at every flame dash. We use Second wind support to use flame dash more often.


Use clarity only if you got a mod on your watcher's eye that grant a bonus while affected by clarity. /!\


Bandit: Kill All

Path of Building Link

Basic version : https://pastebin.com/GdAaF8Wf

Cluster Jewel: https://pastebin.com/jZVutKV5

Low Life version (mid-tier budget) : https://pastebin.com/0gV2Dxsd

More Detailspoeurl.com/c76l


PoE 3.13 Ritual Shadow Saboteur Ball Lightning Mine Starter Build

  • + Very fun to play
  • + Completely insane single target damage.
  • + Shock/Ignite/Freeze/Chill immune
  • + Blinds nearby enemies
  • + Decent Es on kill + regen
  • + Can do literally all map mods
  • + Able to do all content in game
  • + Amazing defensive capabilities
  • + Easy/Cheap to gear with room for lots of improvements as you get more currency
  • - Can be pretty expensive to fully min/max yourself for end game gear
  • - Low Life Version is much better but needs currency and not really league start viable
  • - Requires a lot of key spamming for flasks + single target + detonate

Gems Setup

Body Armor 4L: Ball Lightning - High-Impact Mine - Minefield - Slower Projectiles

5L Trap and Mine Damage

6L Awakened Added Lightning Damage

3L Setup: Flame Dash - Faster Casting - Portal

3L Setup: CWDT (level 8) - IC (level 10) - Wave of Conviction (level 12)

4L Setup: Zealotry - Precision (level 1) - Blood Magic - Enlighten (level 3)

4L Setup: Skitterbots - Val Discipline - Herald of Thunder - Enlighten (level 3)

4L Setup: Storm Brand - Curse on Hit - Conductivity - Culling Strike

Leveling Tips

VERY IMPORTANT: Build & guide is set up as a low life ES based miner. For leaguestart or leveling, it is MUCH better to do a life version. Ignore ES nodes, pick up some extra life nodes and go for life rolls on gear.

Explosive Trap super early and then icicle mines for Act 1. (Or can do w/e you want honestly).

At level 12/merveil grab arc and link them with blastchain mine support, trap and mine damage, and swift assembly.

At level 28 grab ball lightning and make sure to replace or throw in a slower projectiles.


Pantheon: Shakari and Lunaris

Bandit: Help Alira for the 5 mana regen/s, 15 to all resists, and 20% crit multi

Path of Building Link: https://pastebin.com/rY8PtCeY

More Detailspoeurl.com/cUyU


Shadow Trickster

PoE 3.13 Ritual Shadow Trickster Toxic Rain League Starter Build

PoE 3.13 Ritual Shadow Trickster Essence Drain League Starter Build


PoE 3.13 Ritual Shadow Trickster Toxic Rain League Starter Build

  • + Alch and go: can run every map mod
  • + Survivable with 9k+ EHP, 45k Ev, High spell dodge
  • + Great Damage
  • + Entry gear is very cheap
  • - DOT build, so a slight ramp up for max DPS
  • - Some people don't enjoy hybrid

Build Mechanics

Toxic Rain: Toxic Rain shoots out a base 5 arrows (pods). Pods can stack, so area of effect is somewhat important. Attack speed is massively important in terms of DPS and enjoyment.


With flasks up, we sit at a comfortable 45k Evasion to cap our QOTF, and 50/75 dodge/spell dodge. This means we rarely get hit, and when we do, we proc Ghost Shroud.


Main Link

Toxic Rain - Mirage Archer - Void Manipulation - Vicious Projectiles - Swift Afflictions/Efficacy - Empower Level 4 (Skip if you don't have at least Empower 3)

For your offhand:

Caustic Arrow - Mirage Archer - Greater Multiple Projectiles - Swift Afflictions - Vicious Projectile - Void Manipulations


Flesh and Stone - Malevolence - Discipline - Enlighten

You can grab reduced mana reservation off the tree if you want to force Blood and Sand, but I'd recommend just not bothering until you get a strong enough enlighten. You can consider running Dread Banner if you have a low enough mana cost on Toxic Rain/Caustic Arrow, but don't have Enlighten. You may also want to use a level 1 Clarity somewhere else in your gear. This will give you access to Clarity mod Watcher's Eye, and Vaal Clarity which can help with early bossing.

Wither Totem

Spell Totem - Multiple Totems - Faster Casting - Wither

We already have quite a bit of duration, so faster casting helps us build quicker.

IC + Blink Arrow

CWDT - Steelskin, Clarity - Blink Arrow - Faster Attacks - Culling Strike

I've been trying out CWDT Steelskin, and I think I like it so far. Play around with it and see how it feels. We also put Frenzy and Blink Arrow here linked with Faster Attacks and Cull. 


Withering Step - Dash - Despair - Second Wind


30 points -> 50 points -> 70 points -> 90 points -> Full

Path of Building Link

This is what you're shooting for: https://pastebin.com/9rgZEPya

Entry Setup (NO CLUSTER JEWELS): https://pastebin.com/npZEsFmp

1 Cluster Setup: https://pastebin.com/ZP5tw3LX

2 Clusters + Thread of Hope: https://pastebin.com/wPhukT5Z

More Detailspoeurl.com/cxI3


PoE 3.13 Ritual Shadow Trickster Essence Drain League Starter Build

  • + Fast mapper
  • + All endgame bosses viable, including deep delve bosses.
  • + Hardcore viable
  • + Cheap, clear upgrade path. Shaper 3EX, uber elder 8EX.
  • - Single target lacks, you are not oneshoting bosses.
  • - You are a meta slave
  • - Performs really poorly in the timeless domain
  • - Requires heavy swaps for HoGM (but can actually do it)
  • - potentially clunky 1-2 playstyle (altho very fast)


Essence Drain - Swift Affliction - Void Manipulation- Empower - Controlled Destruction - Efficacy

There is no variation when it comes to essence drain. You should push for a 6l as soon as possible and buy a level 3 empower. If you only have a level 1 or 2 empower but you have a 6l, you should use Decay support instead


Vaal Discipline - Malevolence - Enlighten - Flame Dash

You should put your auras in your helmet because vertex gives +1 level of socketed gems. This means you will only need a level 3 enlighten instead of 4. It will also give a slight damage and ES boost by leveling your auras more.


Contagion - Increased Area of Effect - Intensify - Faster Casting

If you use an es base gloves, you should put your Contagion setup here for ease of coloring. Intensify and area of effect supports are mandatory to make contagion's aoe massive. Faster casting is a nice quality of life boost.


Wither - Spell Totem - Multiple Totems - Increased Duration

I recommend placing a 3l wither totem here. Don't use blight totems, it's lower range, worse hinder and takes a jewel slot. It's a noob trap. Wither doubles our damage against anything that stands 2 seconds in the wither circle, it should be used against endgame bosses.

For your 4th socket, if you do not have aspect of the spider on a piece of gear, you should use flesh and stone in sand stance: Flesh and Stone

If you have aspect of the spider, you have a free socket.

You should put a Phase Run inside. In your skills bar, bind phase run to your left click button to trigger it automatically when you start moving.

Body armor

Vaal Blight - Controlled Destruction - Efficacy - Void Manipulation - Swift Affliction - Infused Channelling

Here you have some choice. For more damage, the best option is blight:

A CwdT setup is also viable with the following gems:

CWDT - Summon Stone Golem - Spirit Offering - Enfeeble - Steelskin

If you do not have aspect of the spider on a piece of gear, you should use flesh and stone in sand stance


Pantheon: Soul of Lunaris and Soul of Shakari

Bandit: Kill All (recommended)

Path of Building Link

t16 viable setup: https://pastebin.com/Wev6vzjR

2-4Ex - 6500ehp - 520k ED dps + 900k blight dps

All content setup: https://pastebin.com/Wae7923S

10-15Ex - 7500ehp - 1M ED dps + 1.2M blight dps

Endgame setup: https://pastebin.com/P03cddjL

100Ex - 8600ehp - 3M ED dps + 4M blight dps

More Detailspoeurl.com/cLaS


Anyone are welcomed to redistribute, copy, quote, reference or perform content in this site, if and only if he/she attributed the work
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