r4pg:MU Legend gameplay evaluation: more interesting than the memory

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Advantages: the screen theme of exquisite and delicate; a variety of natural freedom high; combat rhythm.

Disadvantages: no free pinch system; pet upgrade slightly difficult; growth system slightly more.


Storyline slightly old-fashioned upgrade is relatively simple

Players in the upgrade, the task will provide a lot of experience. "MU:Legend" task is divided into three kinds, the main task of the yellow exclamation mark; blue exclamation point of the ordinary tasks and purple regional task exclamation mark. Task difficulty is not high, mostly for errands or assault beast monster, only the regional task requires the player to complete within the specified time, there will be a sense of urgency, but more adequate time, received the task, the big map and small map will be Task position of the reminder, plus right click on the big map, you can automatically travel to the target area, so the "MU:Legend" task is not high overall difficulty.

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With their own level of promotion, you can gradually unlock all kinds of skills and growth systems, such as the Artifact system requires players to reach 65 level before opening, special skills, the player level to 25,45,65 before unlocking. Soul level is mainly used to strengthen the role of the player's ability to exist in the form of vertical talent, divided into attack, defense, auxiliary, integrated four categories, each category will be divided into four branch lines, respectively, corresponding to different players strengthen direction, In the attack tag players can choose to strengthen the physical attack, spell attack, crit chance and crit damage properties, when the player reaches a specified level in a branch, will activate the additional property bonus, in general, to provide players with freedom Degree is very high.


Game screen exquisite bright map theme color clear

To the overhead of the magic world as the theme, the game there will be forests, castles, crypts and other scenes, each scene will have a different color.

Under the God perspective, the role model and the monster model will be smaller, so in many of these games, usually focus on strengthening a part of the equipment, such as flashing enough to flash blind big wings, to attract the player's attention , While other parts of the details of the description is not so careful.

Details of performance in place, such as the surface of the armor decoration, wear, and equipment, high-light metal surface, will be reflected in the scene model, the overall can also achieve good level. Details will be sufficient in place of the characterization, such as debris on the surface, texture and so on.

MU2zen Mu legend art


Open four occupation The occupation has two branch

In this test, opened a total of four career: Dark Lord, Blader, War Mage, Whisperer, Emphasizer career in this test is not open.



Simple to use and easy to get started feeling good

Left key is responsible for moving to release the left key skills, the right mouse button and QWERT can be placed after the skills to use. As the number of skills to more than the number of shortcut fields, the need for players to choose.


Difficulty of a significant difference in the copy team Raiders more simple

There are a large number of copies of the game, divided into five kinds of difficulty, namely, ordinary, experts, difficulties, nightmares, disaster five. When the face of 20 after a copy of the mobs though still "weak chicken", but Shouguan BOSS will have a rapid displacement and a wide range of AOE skills. Heavy blood with fast moving speed, even if the player using the "Kite BOSS" strategy will have a great difficulty, so the need to challenge the team. Team aspects of the "MU:Legend" is very user-friendly, when the player into the copy, there will be team prompts, you can quickly find the team, team is very convenient.

r4pg:MU Legend gameplay evaluation: more interesting than the memory

Rich role in strengthening the system part of the system to enhance slightly more difficult

Equipment is a very important part of the game, but also improve the player fighting strength of the core. "MU:Legend" in addition to Daguai fall to obtain equipment, the player can also be broken down the equipment, production equipment. Equipment according to the color can be divided into white, green, blue, purple, orange loaded several categories. Blue fitted with more than the quality of the equipment required after the solution tied.

Strengthen the "MU:Legend" in the ability to improve the role of an important way to strengthen the equipment can have a higher property, in the NPC to use the designated currency exchange enhanced items, can be enhanced.

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